Introduction to Android Phones

By Karina Popa


Android phones, also referred to as Droid phones, are mobile phones, working on an Android operating system, developed by Google. Over the years, this operating system gained popularity among manufacturers and developers as they could easily customize it to suit their respective requirements. Customizing a phone enable the providers to offer a wide range of user interfaces while using the same OS. Most of these phones, even those offered by companies using an alternate operating system, tend to have the same features which go to include the management of personal data, browsing the net, video streaming, plus a number of free as well as paid applications and software.

Technical Specifications

Android phones make use of the Android operating system, middleware and key applications. The program, written in C language, is based on a Linux kernel. The applications that a phone using an Android OS offers are basically written in Java language.

Many consider Android phones as revolutionary due to the open source configuration. Any developer, whether an amateur or a professional, can write programs for this OS, adding to the ongoing Android development by tendering the same to the Play Store from Google, a closed source application available for the users of Android phones. Consumers are then free to make use of various applications by downloading the same on their personal phone by accessing the library containing these applications.


The users of Android phones may simultaneously run a number of applications, allowing them to perform different tasks at the same time, thus offering them more flexibility of operation, compared to the competing systems. However, the hardware used in the handset plays a significant role. Certain handsets have multi-core processors, making it more convenient for users to run many operations simultaneously.

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4 Of The Best Waterproof Phones

By Duncan Lancer

Blackview is one of the most powerful rugged smartphones with affordable price

Many people are going for waterproof phones because they have the ability of withstanding water and dust. While there are many types of waterproof gadgets, not all of them are good in their working. If you are wondering which are the best gadgets to go for, here are some of them:

Xperia Z2

This phone has a rating of IPx5 and IPx8. According to Sony, the reason why the phone has two ratings is because it complies with the two waterproofing standards. The IPx5 rating means that the device has the ability of resisting water fired from a nozzle from all angles for 15 minutes.

The IP number also means that the device is protected from dust and has the ability of warding off dust particles and even if any of the particles get in, they can't interfere with the proper working of the device.

The standard IPx8 means that the device has the ability of working normally even after being left in water "continuously" at a depth of lower than one meter.

Samsung galaxy S5 Active and Sport

These two phones are also great in preventing water from getting into them. Plastic bumpers on the corners that ensure that the device is able to withstand heavy...

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